Ingrid Leung

FranceABC Teacher


 My name is Ingrid, and I am a Vancouver-born student teacher who has a passion for the French language and culture.

I started learning French at the age of six when I was enrolled in the Early French Immersion Program at school. It has always been fun for me to learn an additional language and I stayed in French Immersion for my entire public-school education until I graduated with the Double Dogwood Diploma at the end of Grade 12.

My Story

I decided to continue to study French in university, so I completed my Bachelor of Arts at Simon Fraser University with a major in French and a minor in Early Learning. Now, I am pursuing my goal of becoming a French Immersion elementary school teacher.

During my post-secondary studies, I had the opportunity to study abroad in France and in Quebec. I participated in the Explore Program where I studied at Université Laval in Quebec for five weeks over the summer. As a part of my French major, I also got to study at Université de Tours in France for one semester. It was a fun and enriching experience for me to live temporarily in a French-speaking region. I learned a lot about the people, language, and culture there, and importantly, I got to learn about myself.

I have always enjoyed working with children and youth since I was in high school. Over the past several years, I have worked with students of all ages through various programs and in the classroom. I strongly believe in building relationships with my students, and I hope I can share my knowledge and experience of the French language and culture with young learners.

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