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Our mission

Our aim is to teach young learners – ages four to fourteen – the conversational, cultural and grammatical components of the French language.  We use an interactive, online classroom to connect to university-educated, French tutors which can be accessed anywhere and anytime.  With flexible scheduling and no commuting, you can save your precious time for everything else.

At FranceABC, we know that research shows how language learning improves academic performance. It has also shown that exposure to other cultures and languages increases empathy.  These results compound the earlier we immerse the child in a target language.  Therefore, the best time to invest in this unique extra-curricular with our french tutors is now.

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With over 275 million French speakers and a growing international market, fluency in an second language, and in contrast, more French tutors, is more vital than ever.  Whether as a professional, student, artist or an entrepreneur, learning French exposes us to new cultures, experiences and opportunities.  The return on investment is astronomical in the short and long-term.

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FranceABC French Tutors

To learn a language is to learn another culture. Give your child the advantage they deserve!

FranceABC believes a broad exposure to different accents and dialects deepens their language learning.  By consequence, we currently employ French tutors from Canada and France.  Finally, based on your child’s needs, we can adapt to the beginner or advanced students.

Sessions are $33.00 CDN each (30 minute Sessions)

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