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Who We Are

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Starting in 2019 our team of Certified teachers has been helping students maximize their academic potential and excel in any subject they choose. Through our individualized and stress-free approach, we have perfected a method of teaching that yields serious results.

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Our Story

FranceABC Director and Teacher, Bryton Mckinnon
Bryton Mckinnon and his Partner while on holidays

FranceABC is the brainchild of Bryton Mckinnon. His passion for education began over a decade ago while studying child development, education, and French literature at Western University in London, Canada. He was introduced to Ivan Illich’s Deschooling Society and Paolo Friere’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, which turned his view of education on its head. These revolutionary texts reaffirmed his belief that traditional learning methods simply do not work.

For more information on Bryton Mckinnon, the Director and FranceABC teacher

Meet The Team


Bryton Mckinnon

Founder & CEO & Teacher                                    Learn More



Teacher / Tutor                                                           Learn More

Suzanne 2.jpg

Suzanne Gouchie

Teacher / Tutor                                                           Learn More


Katherine Nanowski

Teacher / Tutor                                                          Learn More



Teacher / Tutor                                                           Learn More

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