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Micheline Farmer

FranceABC Teacher


My name is Micheline Farmer and I currently reside in British Columbia. Born in Quebec and speaking only French as a young child, I have dealt with the challenges and benefits of language learning. This was part of the reason why I decided to enroll at York University and pursue teaching. In 2003, I completed my B.A. in Psychology, French Studies and thereafter my Bachelor of Education in the primary and junior divisions.

My Story

Throughout my career, I worked in many GTA French immersion schools, specializing in grades two through six. I also had the pleasure of teaching high school students. In both capacities, it was a delight to share my love of both French and Quebec and develop Francophiles both young and old.

With my background in Psychology, I found I had a propensity in supporting students with special needs and learning difficulties. Alongside this strength, I have a passion for individuals’ rights and always fought for students who were harassed or bullied. My intrinsic interest in equitable student support accumulated in my role as a TedEd leader. This program emboldens students’ passions and unique voices onto the stage. Creating spaces for students to explore their interests is a hallmark of my personal pedagogy.

On a personal note, I have a deep love of nature and wild animals. Hiking regularly with my dogs, we frequently encounter the constant joys of local wilderness and wildlife.

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I'm always looking for new students! Sign up for a class or contact FranceABC for a chance to get your child the help they deserve.

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