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Interact with French Culture: Easy French Recipes for Beginners

What’s the best way to immerse yourself in French culture? With food of course! France is known for its luxurious dishes, delicate pastries, and exquisite dining experience. And for good reason! French food is some of the best in the world. But while you may think of French cuisine as complicated and expensive to make, some of their best dishes embrace a simple elegance. If you want to keep up your child’s cultural immersion at home and get involved in fun (and delicious!) ways, we’ve found some easy French recipes for beginners for you to try.

A Classic: French Onion Soup

Unlike French fries, French onion soup really does come from France! This is a classic dish. Though the soup does have wine in it, don’t worry, this recipe makes sure it cooks off. No alcohol for the little ones! The recipe is simple enough, and will have a gorgeous onion-y sweetness with the rich smoothness from the Gruyère. Chocolate-dipped Madeleines

Madeleines are delightfully light and fluffy biscuits, almost like little cakes. This recipe breaks down each of the steps to make these madeleines, and includes pictures as well as definitions for baking terms. That makes it perfect for working with kids. Don’t be discouraged by the number of steps - this is only because the recipe is broken down into small tasks, making it one of the best easy French recipes for beginners.

You’ll need a madeleine pan for it, however. These are easy to find, and often quite cheap. Walmart will usually stock them, or if you live near a Winners or Superstore, they’re likely to have some on the shelves. When all else fails,