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Bienvenue à FranceABC!  Welcome to FranceABC!

Our aim is to teach young learners – ages four to fourteen – the conversational, cultural and grammatical components of the French language. We use an interactive, online classroom to connect students to university-educated, French tutor which can be accessed anywhere and anytime.  With flexible scheduling and no commuting, you can save your precious time for everything else.

At FranceABC, we know that research shows how language learning improves academic performance. It has also been shown that exposure to other cultures and languages increases empathy.  These results compound the earlier we immerse the child in a target language.  Therefore, the best time to invest in this unique extra-curricular is now.

With over 275 million French speakers and a growing international market, fluency in an additional language, and in contract, more French tutors, is more vital than ever.  Whether as a professional French Tutor, an artist or an entrepreneur, learning French exposes us to new cultures, experiences and opportunities both developmentally and professionally.  The return on investment is astronomical in the short-term and long-term.

FranceABC believes a broad exposure to different accents and dialects deepens their language learning.  By consequence, we currently employ French-tutors and from Canada and France.  Finally, based on your child’s needs, we can adapt to the beginner or advanced students at an affordable price.

If you are more interested to see how we harness technology and experienced French Tutors in our classroom, feel free to request a consultation and have a free-30 minute trial class. 


+1 437 900 1789 ext 222 (North America) 

OR SEND US AN EMAIL: (North America)

Chalk board with ABC, Representing the ABC in FranceABC. Our French online tutors excel at helping students of all skill levels.
Teacher and Young Student aged 4 - 14 learning french. Although we are an online learning centre. Our French Tutors teach as if they are right beside oyur student, and we stand by them.

About Bryton Mckinnon:

About Bryton
Bryton Director of FranceABC, on Vacation by the river. Trains our french tutors

FranceABC is the brainchild of Bryton Mckinnon. His passion for education began over a decade ago while studying child development, education, and French literature at Western University in London, Canada. He was introduced to Ivan Illich’s Deschooling Society and Paolo Friere’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, which turned his view of education on its head. These revolutionary texts reaffirmed his belief that traditional learning methods simply do not work.

Through the six years of his degree, Bryton worked as a teaching assistant at Montessori school, working with students as young as 2 up to age 14. This experience clarified his life goal: to develop as a teacher who bolsters the voices of youth and emboldens language learning. It is his belief that learning another language has the power to elevate children’s communication, compassion, cultural sensitivities, creativity, and critical thinking. These are the fundamental hallmarks needed to prepare any child for our ever-changing global landscape. Since then, Bryton’s passion for learning has continued to span all aspects of his life. He is always seeking new challenges to enhance his personal pedagogy and effectiveness as a teacher.

 On a practical professional level, Bryton has sought out new experiences to expand his abilities and pedagogical knowledge. Following his undergraduate degree, Bryton moved overseas to the ‘Other London’ to learn about different educational systems. There he achieved qualified teacher status while teaching primary school students. But he quickly became frustrated with the standardized exam system that required teachers to ‘Teach to Test’. Rather than learning to love learning, students were only being prepared for exams.

After three years in England, Bryton moved to France for two years. There he was met with other frustrations. Instead of being controlled by exams, here students were controlled by teachers. Bryton saw how students lacked autonomy or control over their own education. Rote memorization ruled the curriculum.

During these five years of increasing frustration, he uncovered a career in a niche educational system that allowed autonomy to cultivate more engaging, fun-filled lessons: English language teacher. To explore this, he worked online with VIPKID. He spent his final two months in Europe in Spain, continuing to teach online. He grew determined to find an equivalent French language program but his research only revealed that there’s nothing of the sort. The idea for online French language lessons began to sprout in his mind. Over his five years working in and travelling around Europe, deepening his knowledge of diverse histories and cultures, that sprout blossomed into FranceABC.

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