Success Stories

I am so happy we found France-ABC. My six year old daughter is loving every class with Bryton. He is so patient and flexible with her. She always brings something to class to show him. She would never be this engaged in a classroom setting. Thank you Bryton and France-ABC.

-Scarlett, 7 years old.


Yesterday, Andy fell ill with a fever at the last minute. We said he couldn’t attend class, but he still couldn’t help but enter the classroom because he hadn’t seen the teacher for a long time and missed the teacher very much. Also, I’m very grateful because you always help him. I believe that with your help, Andy will get better and better!

ANDY, 12 Years Old

You are a very responsible teacher who always encourages Henry to speak complete sentences, correct pronunciation in a timely manner, and expand in due course. Henry is interacting with you more and more!

HENRY, 10 Years Old

46-graduate (1).png

My son said he liked the teacher best! Because the interactive links are interesting, the way of encouragement is different, the whole course is rich and colorful, easy and pleasant to absorb! The teacher’s image is handsome and cordial;  the expression and the body language of the hand have a kind of infinite charm which improves her concentration. The teacher is excellent!

-Amanda, 6 years old