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Learn French as a Family! Basic French Grammar Tips for Parents

If you’re an anglophone, it can be tough to know how to help your kids when they’re working on their French. Everything from vocabulary to basic French grammar can seem wildly different from what we’re used to in English. While there are more similarities than you may realise, there are enough differences to make learning even the basics of the language seem daunting. While you may not have time to engage in full French lessons, just a bit of basic French grammar and vocabulary can certainly go a long way to helping you understand your child’s learning a bit better.

Invest in a Good French-English Dictionary

When learning another language, it’s good practice to keep a translation dictionary handy. This will also be particularly helpful for your kids, especially as they begin to read books and watch films and TV shows in French. And the internet has made these dictionaries much more accessible: French-English dictionaries have moved online for convenience. The Collins French dictionary, for instance, can be found here.