Virtual Summer Camp

At FranceABC, we are dedicated to making this summer a little more French and a lot more fun!

We are offering three-hour morning and afternoon summer camp sessions for primary school students to engage in fun, interactive activities with our Canadian certified French teachers and similarly-aged peers!

Three-hour sessions from Monday to Friday.


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FranceABC Virtual Summer Camps


Week Long

We will have a different theme Each week in order to concentrate learning and build confidence in a particular topics.


Daily sessions will include a variety of interactive games to bring the learning and community to life!

Group Setting

Group sizes will be small with a maximum of seven campers per group and will be with new students each week

Each day will include physical activities to get their hearts pumping well as some academic aspects such as literature, art and debates to fire up their synapses and creative spark!

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Welcome to an incredible summer at FranceABC!

Our fun Summer Camps are as follows

July 5th - 9th

Under the Sea/Sous l’océan

July 12th - 16th

Around the Francophone World/Autour du monde francophone

July 19th - 23rd

Space Exploration/Expédition spatiale

July 26th - 30th

Olympics/ Les jeux olympiques

August 2nd - 6th

Wizarding World/ Le monde magique

August 9th - 13th

Myths and Legends/Les mythes et les légendes

August 23rd to 27th

Famous artists/ Les artistes célèbres

August 30th to 3rd

 Hollywood Spectacle: Un spectacle hollywoodien

FranceABC Background


$275.00 CDN + taxes per week for each camper


 If you are interested in signing up for multiple summer camps, please let us know during registration in order to discuss a discounted price!

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