Ted-Ed Program

FranceABC is proud to partner with TED to lead our students through the process of creating their own TED Talk.

Students will develop research, writing and public speaking skills with the help of our FI OCTs. Students will be able to join one-hour after-school sessions once a week with a set group of other students. Each student will choose a subject that is important to them and create a 5+ minute talk to be workshopped throughout the year before a final presentation.

The TED-Ed program is available for students grades 3 to 12, ages 8+ who attend French immersion or who are native francophones. This unique program is a way for students to work together to discuss and celebrate creative ideas. This is a special, academic avenue for each student to explore and share one of their passions with the world!

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Program Details:

  • Ages 8+

  • Groups of two or more

  • Focus on research, writing and public-speaking

  • Discount for group sign ups available upon request

  • Twelve to fourteen weeks (dependent on the specific needs of students)

  • Opportunity to collaborate with other francophone students from around the world