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What differentiates FranceABC from other online French education services?

  1. Our highly intensive training for teachers and our meticulous methodology guarantee that each child be taught in the manner that best convenes their interests, strengths, weaknesses as well as their prior knowledge of French. Tutors must hold a Bachelor’s Degree at minimum and complete multiple class simulations with various student profiles before teaching with FranceABC. 

  2. We believe that encouragement and positive correction are the key to inciting a student’s linguistic curiosity. Therefore, all classes are made playful and entertaining through music, spelling games and rewards for participation. 

  3. Our 1-on-1 classroom setting facilitates personalization of content delivery for all students. Furthermore, our interactive lessons allow for guided or independent exercises, depending on the student’s needs. 

  4. Our classes are taught entirely in French, which engenders a sense of immersion similar to living in a Francophone country.

  5. Lastly, our particular expertise in French grammar, phonetics and early childhood development ensures an incredibly effective methodology.

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In which time zone do classes operate?

We offer classes all seven days of the week from 8:00AM to 8:00PM (EST).

What if I don’t receive my notification for class?

You will receive a notification which is linked with Google Calendar 12-24 hours before class. It is always appreciated to click “accept” on the classroom invitation so we know you received the email.

If you do not receive this notification, you can also send an email us stating that you have not received the link. And of course, if there is a scheduling error on our part and the class does not take place, you will not be charged for the class.

How long is each lesson?

Our lessons last 25 minutes, but the tutor may elect to extend the lesson to 30 minutes depending on their schedule.

What if I need to cancel the class?

The FranceABC cancellation policy stipulates that parents can cancel the class up to 24 hours before without penalty. If the class is cancelled less than 24 hours before it was scheduled to take place, the class fee will remain. Since life isn’t always on our terms, we also want to be flexible. If it is a first-time offense or there is an emergency, you will not be charged.

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What if we have technical problems?

Technical problems happen from time to time. Often, these are solved by logging in and out of the classroom. A new link will be provided if this does not work. If you are somewhere new, it is always important to test the WIFI strength prior to class. Furthermore, the use of an ethernet cable is strongly encouraged, as this reduces the probability of disconnection.

We also understand technology can sometimes be tempermental. If the class starts late or there is a technical problem which takes up some time, the teacher will try and add the time (if possible based on their scheduling at no additional price.

Where do your teachers live?

We have teachers operating out of both France and Canada. This ensures that we are able to teach both morning and evening classes to those residing in the western hemisphere, regardless of time zone.

How will I know what my child is learning?

After each class, you will receive a report from the teacher which highlights what has been taught and how your child has performed in these areas. We aspire to maintain an ongoing conversation and keep you, keeping you informed of your child’s progress.

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What equipment will I need?

With FranceABC, you can go as hi-tech or lo-tech as you want. Due to external sounds, it is important for your student to have comfortable headphones (preferably with a microphone).

Online education is the next frontier of teaching. The FranceABC online classroom is supported by Zoom, which can be downloaded onto all devices, although we highly recommend using a computer. You will receive a link in your email in order to access the classroom. Finally, a fixed, wireless or 4G internet connection is necessary to connect to the online classroom.

How does the classroom work?

Children will be presented with several animated characters who will help them along their French journey. In addition, the interactive nature of our lessons allows the children to move digital images, write, circle and draw lines based on the instructions of the activity.

All lessons include the following components: grammar, vocabulary, phonics, math and culture.

What if I miss a session?

If you know you will miss a session, please email us as soon as possible, at least 24 hours before the tutoring session. Any classes cancelled within the 24 hour threshold [of the beginning of their scheduled start time] will not be reimbursed.

At FranceABC, we value your time and money. If there is an emergency, we will be able to reschedule your lesson free of charge.

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How much are lessons?

Class prices range from $25 to $35 per 25 minute session depending on the student’s level. Discounts are given based on purchasing a bundle of lessons at once.

Let’s think about this. You could pay this or higher going to a big tutoring company that employs a lot of tutors. However, you won’t always get the same tutor every time. Many times the tutor is not someone that specialises or has taught French before. That means you will be pouring your money into this big tutoring company, not getting the same tutor every time and it may take two to three times as long to master beginner and intermediate French.

With FranceABC, we will quickly figure out your child’s learning style. Because of our carefully crafted curriculum and methodology, we can expedite your child’s learning path thus saving you time and money. 

So the choice is simple: pay for experienced, well-trained teachers and learn quickly or pay a lot more for a longer period of time with a big tutoring company. Wouldn’t you like the personal touch a FranceABC tutor can give?

How many children per class?

We believe that personalised attention on our end is necessary for the student to maximize their progress. All classes are therefore either 1-on-1 or small groups with siblings (at no additional cost).

What is the consultation?

The consultation is divided into three parts:

  1. Initially, the tutor will conduct a 10 minute diagnostic assessment to gauge the student’s capabilities. This will be a chance to start speaking French right away.

  2. Next, a FranceABC representative will hold a 10 minute discussion with the parent(s) regarding the child’s previous exposure to French. This is the opportunity for the parent to present any specific areas of attention on which they would like the tutor to focus and ask any questions about FranceABC and the tutor.

  3. Finally, the tutor and parent(s) will discuss the results of the diagnostic test as well as scheduling.

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