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Suzanne Gouchie

FranceABC Teacher

My name is Suzanne Gouchie and I am a certified French teacher in both Ontario and Manitoba, where I currently reside! Raised as a francophone in Quebec, I started my French teaching career in Ontario. I have also taught French in school boards across Manitoba. I even taught ICT in Swindon and Bristol England which was quite an exciting change. Teaching French immersion, FSL, core French and French basic, I’ve had the privilege to teach at the primary and secondary levels, as well as to adults.

These experiences have deepened my knowledge of teaching a diversity of students with different ages, levels, and personalities. I love teaching across all subjects with enthusiasm, fun, and active engagement!

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I'm always looking for new students; Sign up for a class or contact FranceABC for a chance to get your child the help they deserve.

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