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French Around the Globe: Senegal Facts

When you think of the French language, you probably mostly think about France or Quebec. But what many people don't realise is that the French language is spread across the world, just like English. There are 29 countries across the world with French as their official language. We here at FranceABC believe it's important to embrace and learn about each one of these cultures and their dialects as part of a global community of French speakers. So we've started a new series - French Around the Globe. And our first country is located in West Africa: Senegal. Here are some Senegal facts to introduce you to this vibrant culture!

Senegal Facts

Let's just start with basic Senegal facts.

Senegal is located on the West African coast on the Atlantic Ocean. It shares borders with Mali, Mauritania, Guinea, and Guinea-Bissau, and The Gambia juts in from the Atlantic through the centre of Senegal.