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Get Playful with this List of French Expressions

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

In the next few months, we’ll outline some of the populations around the world who speak French. These range from Switzerland to Senegal, Congo to our own Quebec. Each one has their own unique culture and dialect that has shifted through time. Like English-speaking populations, these Francophone countries have slang and expressions with figurative meanings. Think of ‘easy as pie’ - someone just learning English may not quite understand what that means! Pie isn’t, after all, that easy to make. But as a native English speaker, we’ve gotten so used to these expressions that we know what they mean without really considering the words themselves. The same is true in French. That’s why we’ve created a list of French expressions to help you cope with different dialects and cultures.

Close to Home: Quebec Expressions

Let’s start this list of French expressions somewhere close to home: Quebec.

One of our favourites is one that we should all remind ourselves as we continue to battle through this pandemic: ‘se prendre pour le boss des bécosses.’ Or, ‘take yourself for the boss of the bécosses.’ But what does that mean? Well, in simpler English: Act like a boss.