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A Little Love for Our Students!

After nearly a year of our blog, and more than a year of FranceABC, we reached out to hear what you had to say. We got some great responses, and we’re still looking forward to seeing more!

First and foremost, we wanted to say a huge thank you. Our loyal students and new students alike are what keep us motivated. Watching your improvement over the past year - facing head on the challenges that COVID has presented, with continuing passion and dedication to learning French, has inspired us and kept us moving forward. We appreciate your continued commitment to attending classes each and every time, putting your best French forward, and bringing each of your unique personalities to our lessons.

Secondly, we are taking into account what each of your feedback contains and seeing how we can work it into our lessons and our blog. While we can’t reveal anything yet, we want you to know we’re listening.

Finally, please do complete the feedback forms if you haven’t already. This is absolutely valuable for us. We appreciate and respect all of your commentary - what works and what doesn’t - in order to help us improve both our lessons and our blog.

Now, without further ado, here are some highlights from feedback. Student Feedback