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Joyeuse Fierté! Happy Pride Month!

Happy Pride Month! This month we celebrate our diversity across the globe, and learn the history and continued activism of the queer community. This blog is going to look at pride month in France and Quebec and provide some ideas for celebration.

Pride Month in France

The big pride event in France is the Pride Fortnight in Paris. This takes place at the end of June every year. Paris pride is similar to pride that you’d find in Canada, with discos, performances, drink nights, fashion shows, roller skating, concerts, sport tournaments, seminars and debates, exhibitions, film screenings, and so on. And, just like Canadian Pride, the fortnight culminates in a parade.

The Parade, called Marche des Fiertés LGBT, showcases the work of individuals and groups who are still fighting for equality. With a variety of floats, music, costumes, and various celebratory aspects, the Parade exhibits the diversity of Paris’s community while acknowledging the work that remains to be done.

The International Lesbian and Feminist Film Festival will take place in Paris from 28 October to 1 November, followed by the LGBTQI+ film festival, Chéries Chéris festival, in November.

Pride Month in Quebec

Pride Month in Montreal, also known as Fierté Montréal, is a little bit different than in other parts of the world. That’s because it happens in August! Organisers and city planners decided that it would be better in August as there are fewer city events clashing with it compared to June. Organisers now say this works out better, according to CBC News, as ‘the weather is nicer in August’ and ‘Montreal Pride festivities don’t overlap with as many big events in the city’. And there’s certainly no risk of being overshadowed - Fierté Montréal is one of the largest in the world. Similarly, Quebec City will be hosting its Pride in September over Labour Day weekend. Theirs, Fête Arc-en-ciel, involves a variety of entertainment and events that attract tens of thousands to the city.

Queer Your Meals - Pride Recipes

Why not show your pride or your ally-ship with some Pride-themed recipes?

A few years ago, Paul Hollywood’s rainbow bagels were all over the internet. Now you can make your own! This recipe isn’t for the faint-hearted. While it will take some work, it’ll be worth it. These bagels are gorgeous and taste absolutely delicious. They’re just asking to be topped with your favourite cream cheese - strawberry perhaps? Or some delectable sandwich toppings. We’d recommend making these with your older children, however, as it may be too tough for the little ones.

For a slightly simpler recipe - and much sweeter - we recommend this rainbow cheesecake. Don’t let its multi-coloured layers deceive you. This cake is easy as … well… pie… to make, and tastes much better too. We just hope you’re not afraid of dirtying up some dishes, as you’ll need at least 6 bowls for this one. The colours add in a little extra fun and the easy-to-follow recipe means it’s a great one to make with younger children.

These Skittles cookies are our personal favourites. While it may seem odd to put Skittles in a cookie - M&Ms are the obvious go-to, after all - the creator argues that Skittles’ support of Pride actually makes these candies the perfect choice. They cookies are easy-peasy to make, too, with just a sugar cookie base. Careful though - too many of these and your kids won’t sleep for the entirety of Pride Month!

Finally, for a special pride dinner, check out this rainbow pasta. This is especially (and surprisingly!) easy to make. Once the pasta is cooked, all it involves is dying it with a bit of food colouring in some Ziploc bags. If you want to be ecofriendly, reusable containers would likely work too.

French Drag Queen Story Hour

There are a variety of ways to introduce your children to the beautiful diversity of queer culture and icons. One way that we’d love to highlight is Drag Queen Story Hour. These take place all around the world. We’ve found one just for our audience - bilingual Drag Queen Story Hour! This one is run in both French and English, and is read by Paradise. It’s a sweet story that you’d find anywhere, but read in both French and English. And, of course, by a fabulous drag queen. The video is just 20 minutes long, and is certainly worth a watch by all in the family. This is a great way to introduce your children to the glorious diversity in our culture while you can also learn a little French alongside them.

There are all kinds of ways to celebrate Pride as a family. Perhaps this story hour can introduce an opportunity for you or your children to tell of your own experiences of Pride. Perhaps an LGBTQI+ member of your family feels ready to narrate their own coming out journey. Maybe a Pride craft can inspire a conversation about identity and comfort and confidence in our individuality. Get inventive! Don’t forget to send in a photo of your Pride cakes and craft so we can celebrate together.

Joyeuse fierté!

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