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Updated: Apr 15, 2021

COVID-19 brought us face-to-face with some big issues in our time, not the least of which is our relationship with technology. More than eleven months on, we’re discovering the long-term effects of socialising almost exclusively in online realms. For those of us who have decades of offline learning and socialising up our sleeves, we may be able to recover from the effects that living purely online have had on our mental health during lockdown. But, there’s the age old question, what about the kids?

We’re no strangers to online learning here at FranceABC. And it may come as no surprise that we believe thoroughly in its benefits. But we’re devoted educators, and as such, are aware of the limitations of each new learning method. Online learning has incredible potential to move our world forward safely and swiftly, opening up a galaxy of knowledge that our ancestors only dreamt of. Yet, as with any progress, this can’t be done without caution, attention to risk, and measures to mitigate those risks. Researchers are already conducting studies to find out how online learning has had an impact on mental health during lockdown. Here we’ve summarised its effects and some tips