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Celebrate Valentine's Day the FranceABC Way

Over the last two years, our bonds and global communities have been more important than ever. Perhaps this Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show each other how much we love one another. To make things extra special, turn to one of the most romantic countries in the world for this year’s celebrations. Let’s make it a French Valentine’s Day with some fun crafts and foods.

French Valentine’s Day

First things first, French Valentine’s Day isn’t so much about friendship and love generally as it is about romantic love. Your kids, of course, don’t need to know this. You’re more than welcome to adopt some French Valentine’s Day traditions and add in a Canadian twist.

Below you’ll find instructions for a Valentine’s Day card, but you’ll need some phrases to turn this day into an opportunity to embrace and encourage your child’s French education.

The first is “Joyeuse Saint Valentin”. Help your child write this on their card to wish their friends a Happy Valentine’s Day in French.

The second is “Tu veux être mon valentin / ma valentine?” This phrase means “would you be my valentine?” “Mon valentin” is the masculine version, for if they are asking a boy. “Ma valentine” is when the subject of their request is a girl.

Finally, the classic - “Je t’aime”, or “I love you”. A must-have for all Valentine’s traditions, whether to a friend, family member, or crush!

Valentine’s Day Crafts

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