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Updated: Apr 15, 2021

FranceABC is proud to announce it will be launching its very own TED-Ed program.

The program is set to start at the end of October and will run for an estimated 14 sessions.

This unique extra-curricular opportunity will encourage interpersonal French immersion while teaching public speaking to participating students.

Students will join groups of approximately four to eight others and will have the chance to be part of an exciting global conversation.

What is a TED-Ed Program?

If you’ve heard of TEDTalks, you’re probably already guessing at the gist of a TED-Ed program for student talks. The TED-Ed website describes the program as a way for students to ‘work together to discuss and celebrate creative ideas.’ A growing number of schools and after-school programs have started to take part in the TED-Ed system in order to boost their community, to support independent and collaborative student research, and to encourage comfort with public speaking in their students.

With FranceABC, students will be able to join one-hour after-school sessions