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Updated: Apr 14, 2021

FranceABC is proud to announce it will be launching its very own TED-Ed program.

The program is set to start at the end of October and will run for an estimated 14 sessions.

This unique extra-curricular opportunity will encourage interpersonal French immersion while teaching public speaking to participating students.

Students will join groups of approximately four to eight others and will have the chance to be part of an exciting global conversation.

What is a TED-Ed Program?

If you’ve heard of TEDTalks, you’re probably already guessing at the gist of a TED-Ed program for student talks. The TED-Ed website describes the program as a way for students to ‘work together to discuss and celebrate creative ideas.’ A growing number of schools and after-school programs have started to take part in the TED-Ed system in order to boost their community, to support independent and collaborative student research, and to encourage comfort with public speaking in their students.

With FranceABC, students will be able to join one-hour after-school sessions one to two days a week with a set group of other students. Each student will choose a subject that is important to them and create a 5+ minute talk to be workshopped throughout the year before a final presentation.

FranceABC’s Ted-Ed program will be run by experienced French educator, Micheline Farmer.

Who Can Participate?

The TED-Ed program is available for students grades 3 to 12, ages 8+. Students will likely be paired with students of other ages. However, in some circumstances they may be with children who are much older than themselves. At FranceABC, we believe this can actually be quite beneficial as it fosters respect among older students for their younger peers and allows younger students to learn and grow from their older counterparts.

Moreover, as these talks are interest-based, we believe that all students – regardless of the age of their peers – will be able to leave with an expanded knowledge base.

How Will a TED-Ed Program Work?

From the start, students will be encouraged to explore their passions and interests. During the first session, students will be able to discuss their interests with others in their group. This will help them to narrow down their options and choose a research topic for their talk.

Once they have found their topic, independent research will begin. Students will need to find out everything they can about their topic to create their talk. Once this begins, students will present drafts of their talk to the group. This is an excellent chance for students to learn to take constructive criticism and boost their confidence in public speaking, particularly in their second (or third!) language. As many students in French immersion courses come from English-speaking families and do not have the opportunity to practice French at home.

Who is Micheline Farmer?

Micheline Farmer is well versed in language-acquisition. In her early teens, she moved from her native province of Quebec to Ontario where she learned English at age 12. Farmer explains, ‘This gives me a unique perspective on the issues surrounding learning another language.’

Her educational background is in psychology, but she decided to let her counseling go unfinished and opted for teacher’s college instead, teaching French immersion to grades 2 through 11. Farmer believes her psychology background gives her a unique qualification for teaching students who aren’t suited for conventional teaching methods in the education system, and she brings these experiences to her work for FranceABC and the TED-Ed program. She believes that ‘it is important for students to feel successful from very early in the year.’ Students in FranceABC’s TED-Ed program will be encouraged in a positive setting.

Why Enroll Your Child in a TED-Ed Program?

While they are creating their talk, they will grow to know each student in their group. They will also have the chance to learn about their individual passions and interests, thereby expanding their knowledge and cultural appreciation.

Michelin believes that the outline of the TED-Ed program as instructed by the organisation and adjusted by FranceABC is well-set to hone public speaking skills, confidence, and French language acquisition. She explained that ‘The program is presented in such a way that students realize they can express their opinion about issues, sometimes for the first time, and be listened to. We call it ‘Student Voice’.” She went on to say that “Every student who has ever presented in front of an audience has felt proud of their accomplishments.”

The goal of this TED-Ed program is to offer students skills, certainly. But it is also to boost their confidence in their abilities and their language. It’s a chance for them to explore their interests, their passions, and their research skills.

Micheline Farmer is a new addition to FranceABC. We’re looking forward to seeing where she leads our promising students in her TED-Ed program. We’re happy to welcome her to our community!

If you’re interested in signing your child up for our TED-Ed program, speak to Bryton or your child’s tutor for information.

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